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#sundaybluesedit Sunday Selection @heyweegirl

Rebecca:  17 weeks ago Ciara posted an image called “restless bed” to the #sundaybluesedit tag.  She got my attention.  It was not just moody and blue but had a beautiful sense of place and the editing was gorgeous.  I’ve watched her posts closely ever since.  She is a loyal #sundaybluesedit poster.  Last week Ciara posted this image.  It’s an incredible breathtaker.  I hope you will take some time and visit her on Instagram at @heyweegirl.  Enjoy her story and her images.  Happy sunday!!

Ciara: I never took a decent shot in my life…I never really tried. Then I discovered editing and iphones and IG. My life changed.I now had a way of shifting all that shit the I carry on my shoulders in my head in my gut etc from the inside to the outside. A way of making the unsaid said, the comfortable uncomfortable and the terrible just a little bit more bearable.

I don’t want to sound cliché or icky but when I take a shot I have to feel it. I have to connect image and words. It may start out as a wee spark but the editing process can create an entirely different outcome, as was the case with this shot.

My daughter and I had set off on a long walk heading towards the lighthouse that you can see to the right of the shot . She had brought her sled to do some dune sledding but they were too small so she used it for collecting shells and beach debris. Her head is down scouring the beach in search of treasure. On editing the photo I began to feel a huge sense of loneliness/loss. I began connecting with the changes that had already begun as she approached her teenage years, this coupled with my own feelings around my own experiences at that age were quite a potent mix. I felt a sense of her vulnerability as she stood shoulders hunched forward… yet the splash of red suggested strength standing boldly against the loneliness of the beech.Those big footsteps she is following and the trail of her sled intertwining really got me.All along I am watching from the sidelines as she moves a little further into the world without me…Hence the words added…”if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.” William Goldman.

I work full-time in an often stressful and emotionally draining job. I work as a Hospital Social Worker in a Stroke Rehab Unit and with Older People who need rehab after a fall, surgery accident etc. This is where I got the name Heyweegirl… its how the patients call me! As they are in their 90′s and often 100′s its fair enough to call me that, anyone else would sue me under trade descriptions!!
I have a past that comes back to bite me now and again…i deal with this in a creative way without hurting anyone, especially myself. I find support when others get me and get what I do on IG and especially via the Sundaybluesedit.I first found the Sunday blues via @pagep an Irish iger who I greatly admire. For this I thank you Paul.I have such respect for Rebecca and Izzy and the world they have created via this tag. It supports challenges and creates like no other and I am truly honoured to feel part of it every week. Thank You xx


  1. Incredible image and I love to read more about you! Congrats on the well deserved feature! / Carina (@lillamys)

    • Carina we don’t often get the chance to share more than our images and a few short words…I thank you most sincerely for taking time to read this. Xx
      Ps love everything about how you see the world

  2. Incredibly beautiful shot, Ciara–and very powerful emotions. What a well-deserved feature! Congratulations.


    • Caroline you are always incredibly supportive and to me personally I am most grateful for that. Thank you for your insight and kind, kind words xx

  3. Your thoughts behind the image strike me deeply Ciara. Having a pre-teen to teen girl is the art of letting go and finding the deepest patience and peace with the universe. Beautifully done!

    • Heather, firstly sincere apologies for not responding to your beautiful comment before now. This happened when I was on holidays and wifi was a bit unpredictable. Your words however, I have taken to my heart and that one word ‘ patience’ resonates deeply. Thank you again xx