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Surreal is Unreal & Fantastic

Surreal is Unreal & Fantastic: An Interview w/ Amelia Haryanti by Fahmi

As we know, the mobile artistry trend has greatly spread all over the world. There are so many great images being developed by some great mobile artists around the world.  I fell in love with the images developed by Amelia Haryanti for the same reasons.  Her images distract me and take me into her mobile photography imagination.

Here’s my interview with Amelia.

A: Amel F: Fahmi

F: Hi Amel, nice to know your great work on Instagram. Can you tell me more about yourself?

A: Hi Fahmi, my name is Amelia Haryanti, but you can simply call me Melz. I’m currently working at one of the Japanese automotive companies located in Jakarta. Well most of my daily routine is work and then have fun on the weekends, hahaha.. I do like music so much, any kinds of music that fits my mood at some certain circumstances. My other hobby is photography, but I never do a photo hunt or doing a photo walk, I prefer to snap anything on anywhere that is quite catchy or unique around me.

F: When you actually started doing mobile photography and with what device? Also tell me what got you interested in mobile photography?

A: The first reason why I am doing mobile photography is because I can upload the photos directly to any social media without having difficulties to transfer files. It’s much more easier taking pictures with a mobile camera, it’s handy. And with mobile phone camera specification nowadays, I think the photo results can be as good as the photo that taken by professional camera. With mobile photography I can easily take pictures anywhere and anytime without any doubt of loosing the moments. The first device and still the only one that I have is Samsung Galaxy Note.

F: Do you have any cons instead of pros for shooting using mobile phone?

A: The only cons that I feel about mobile photography is it lacks when used to capture a low-light scene. I’m not sure of others.

F: Let’s talk about your photography style a bit. What do you like the most? What’s the style that fit you the most?

A: Aahh that’s the thing… I don’t have any specific style of photography. You can call me the chameleon then, hahaha.. I often change the style according to my moods. But what I do like the most is minimalist thematic typography, because I want to create kind of photos that tells stories. I also like black and white photography and lately I’m trying the surrealist or montage.

F: I see.. I love your work in surrealist or montage, I see it like something that really describe yourself. I can say mobile artistry is what that fit you the most. Btw, is there any hidden message that represent your feelings when you do your photography work?

A: Yes, montage or surrealist style is the most best ways to describe my feelings, and yes most of all montage or surrealist pics that I posted is related to my mood my feelings and the message that I want to share. But sometimes we can also share our thoughts by simple picture. I must say the montage or surrealist is the easiest way to create thoughts, because I can add more image or added some of imaginations that fits with the message.

F: Tell me more about the surrealist, and why you decide to focus on it?

A: Surreal is the opposite of real, so it means that we can create images that are mostly not real. E.g.: People flying or walking through fire, etc. The point is to show more dramatic scene. With this style I can do my own imaginations that fits to my moods, feelings, and emotions that I want to share. Some images can symbolise something, e.g.: bird was the symbol of freedom, cage was the symbol of being trapped, sun or lights was the symbol of hope, and so on. So the idea of surreal is to show emotions through images, and I think why this style is fits to me. Lets say I’m such a non expressionist person, I don’t talk to much about myself, and can’t share my emotions through verbal thingy. That’s why I share those things through pictures and for some of emotions that I feel that can’t be share to others, I share it through symbolise images. And last one why this style fits to me the most is maybe I’m such a dreamers and I feel there’s so many imaginations that exist inside my world.

F: Nice explanation Mel, can you tell the process when you creating the surreal images?

A: I was using the Android phone, so the editing or creation process are mostly inside the Photoshop touch for phone. This application is very handy and easy to use, I can create or adding some image layers and each layers can be adjusted or arrange. The erasing tool is also quite handy, because of the brush selection can be adjusted. Instead of PS Touch, I was using Snapseed for tone corrections, this application is very good to do the tone correction and spot area correction job. And the last, I always add typography using Phonto.

F: Lastly, what’s your expectation for mobile photography in the future?

A: Hmm.. I must say what I hope in the near future are mobile photography can be known as a professional photography field, get a prestigious award on photography field, and so many people can get the joy with mobile photography itself. Final word I hope mobile photography era in the future can be more known and be more greatly increased along with the technological advances.

I was stunned by peoples creativity, about what they can do using their mobile phone, especially within the mobile photography field. Amel is a good example of the limits or non-limits. Yes, I hope what we do with mobile photography can bring us to something that would be never happened in our present. Maybe someday, every person can express their feelings using photographs, and mobile photography can be a media to deliver a message about what people must do with their own surroundings under some circumstances to bring a better world among us.

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  1. Beautiful work! I’m a huge fan of the surreal and fantastic. That’s pretty much how I got my start in the mobile arts. Thank you for sharing!


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