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Railways Runaway with the StreetBanditos

Railways Runaway by StreetBanditos/ Fahmi R

Editor’s note:This article was originally posted on February 8, 2013

Railways Runaway is the first project by StreetBanditos which involved people outside of the StreetBanditos. This project is also the first project for us which is done solely through photos. Our purpose is for documenting the human conditions, the interactions, and the environment along the route that we take from Jakarta to Bogor (a City in West Java – Indonesia).

This project was completed by 10 Banditos and 5 friends around Banditos (FAB) who have the same interest and vision in street photography and photo documentation. Railways Runaway is completed by using railways that started at Manggarai Station in Jakarta in the morning and ending in Bogor Station.

This is the short story from people about their experience on this runaway:

Indra Sentosa (@indranamakoe)

The reason that I joined this runaway is because I was one of the first Banditos to capture the urban living along the railways. Also I wanted to capture people who use the train as their primary transportation. I used the Galaxy S2 as my primary weapon because of its size and it ability.  It feels handy and useful to help me to capture any objects silently and create a great candid.

As a person who often uses a train as primary transportation, now I do know more about the circumstances and the activities of the people which lives around the railways after doing this project with StreetBanditos fellas. Since I was a part of the StreetBanditos, I quite learn a lot about mobile photography, one and the only obstacle for me is about the battery inside my Galaxy which drowns so fast while I’m doing some photographs on the streets so I have to bring some tools which can instantly support the battery such a power bank so I wouldn’t miss any moment to catch using my Galaxy lens.

My hope about mobile photography in 2013 is for the smartphone manufacturers to create a handheld with a great camera sensor to compete with other digital cameras. Also I hope the applications for photo editing on Android will become more sophisticated and handy to ease the post processing in Android devices.

Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo (@crucinexio)

The two things that got me interested joining  this project were unique and interesting; unique because there is a mobilization and interesting because the area to be explored in this project will vary with different atmospheres. In this project I equipped myself with the Android Smartphone HTC Desire HD as the main weapon and the Canon 550 D as the backup. Android HTC Desire HD has a built-in camera which is very nice for me, the only smartphone that I have and have accompanied me for more than a year.

I actually got to learn a lot of things from this project. The first thing was getting to meet new friends. Yes, this project wasn’t only followed by Banditos, theres also few friends outside the Banditos which participated in this project. Another thing that I got was an experience with some new places and areas. I’m not a person who usually uses railways as my primary transportation that’s why I never pay attention for the station and the circumstances around the railways. My technique and the way how to developing the photo also increased because of the discussions and especially by directly seeing how others create and produce great photographs.

I found some obstacles in photography using a Smartphone. The main obstacle that I face in using Android HTC Desire HD is the shutter lag. I should be able to count the perfect timing when I should press the shutter in order to produce image that comply with my desire. In addition, the battery on my Android was drowning so fast. My hope for the world of mobile photography in 2013 is about the evolution of the mobile photography itself, I hope it can be more evolved not only because of the trend using the smartphone and narcissistic sheer.

Lutfiar Adriansyah (@ryan_djacktray)

This project was quite exciting for me.  It is my first experience using  public transport such a railways that Jakarta’s people called by “commuter line” and my first experience for doing some street photographs along stations between Jakarta and Bogor with the Banditos. I used the Galaxy Nexus as my primary weapon, the Nexus provide simplicity and invisibility to capture every moment fast and silence, also the Nexus produce the best style of photography for me.

In doing the Railways Runaway I did not encounter any trouble during the journey. However, some spots are a bit hard to capture by my camera as an example of moving object passing in front of me, because it was a moment that had to be captured spontaneously. By joining this runaway, I learned a lot about street photography such as the moment, timing, composition, and style of street photography. That was I get because I noticed straight away on the field and see the incredible results. In the end, I hope mobile photography world be more interested in the year 2013 and thereafter.

Krisna Murti (@tuanmudakrisna)

I use train almost every day but I have never tried such project personally. When the opportunity came, I said “Why not?” I could do this project with my fellow banditos and friends. It should be fun. And it was. I used iPhone 4s during the runaway project. I choose iPhone 4s because it’s small, non-obtrusive, great lens, and superb mobile photography apps, such as Procamera with its great focus-exposure unbundling feature.

The only handicap I experienced while shooting with iPhone 4s was the auto focus didn’t exactly blazing fast, so this is a challenge for me to cope. The same goes while doing the runaway project. I hope this project will promote (mobile) street photography/documentary/journalism in Indonesia even further, and also promote streetbanditos worldwide. I believe this project made streetbanditos work rise to the next level. For the future, I hope mobile photography will progress and evolve even better than the previous years. Since most of the population have a mobile device with a camera embedded on it, this should encourage them to, at least, try mobile photography, regardless the operating system.

Ginanjar Dwi Santoso (@ginank11)

Menurut saya “runaway” berbeda dengan photowalk biasanya, berburu foto sambil melakukan perjalanan menggunakan kereta dan di beberapa setasiun berhenti untuk foto-foto di sekitar areal stasiun. Di dalam melaksanakan project ini, saya hanya menggunakan Motorola Defy karena hanya itu mobile device yang saya punya. Saya juga menggunakan Ricoh GX1 saat hunting tersebut, tapi karna saya masih pemula hanya beberapa kali saja saya pakai itu.

Well, the Motorola Defy which I had me a little trouble with the length of shutter lag and focus, therefore I took the trouble moving object results would be lost focus. At last I just hope people get to know Indonesia from another perspective of the StreetBanditos, and they get to know StreetBanditos well. Akhir kata, saya berharap mobile photography bisa tambah maju, karena mobile photography sangat praktis baik dari segi device, mengedit, sharing ke internet. saya berharap juga nantinya perangkat mobile photography tak kalah kualitasnya dengan kamera profesional.

Arry Ramadhan (@arryrama)

The reason I joined this project is to make a journey undertaken everyday with train, into an incredible journey and unforgettable moments with hidden messages in photograph. While doing this project, I was using Fujifilm X100 and Motorola Razr  as my weapon. Fujifilm X100 it’s a stunning camera I ever seen, light, compact and silent. And I love the contrast and saturation of 8MP camera from Motorola Razr, this device has a shutter lag but it’s fine for me.

Actually I don’t get any troubles for this runaway with my gears. But there’s another little trouble such reading the situation at the station, all things moving so fast there. A little bit late and those moments gone, that’s the big challenge for me. After doing this Runaway I had a great experience and memorable journey at the end of 2012 with my best friend on the StreetBanditos. Makes me Studying every step of our journey in the year 2012 to be even better in 2013. For me mobile photography is a breakthrough from the world of photography. Until everyone can do photography activities anytime and anywhere. I hope in 2013, everyone can documenting a great moments in they place with a mobile camera and share the great story to the world.

Indra Rizkiawan (@iseeonthestreets)

I’ve joined the “Runaway” project to celebrate the positive progress from us (StreetBanditos), i think each of us is showing good progress in photography from time to time as it can see on instagram or eyeem gallery of each of us. I used my Samsung Galaxy S III for the runaway, because it have zero shutter and great detail more than my Motorola Droid X.

Yup, SGS III is to big, you must have big hands to hold 4.8″ smartphone on a sneaky candid mode, hahahhaha.. and doesn’t like iPhone with Pro Camera app, SGS III does not have touch metering apps, so i have a little bit focus to take pictures. On this runaway i meet a little handicap on Pasar Minggu Station, the security does not allow us to take pictures on that area. But it’s not a big problem, because we already done at that time.

I am very happy to doing this runaway, because not only with street banditos crew as usual but there is friends around banditos are joining on the runaway. Yes, we have more good friends after several project. I hope there is more good friends with same vision with us, so they can be part of street banditos. And the last i’m very happy if our workcan be useful for all photography enthusiasts in the world. For the future, I hope mobile photography will more creative and having more fans than general photography. Why? Because everyone having a mobile phone with a camera right? That’s all we need to make a picture. And I really hope that mobile photography is not only seen as a “Fun only thing”.

Another Photos from some Banditos and Friend Around Banditos:

Ruly Khrisna (@streethopper) – iPhone 4s
Rizky Potranto (@riiiskk) – Samsung Galaxy Ace
M. Fahran Ismail (@aranboo) – Samsung Galaxy S II

That’s our story from people who dedicate themselves to produce something great in the world of mobile photography, especially in Indonesia. StreetBanditos will keep documenting Jakarta street and all of it contents. StreetBanditos also hope their project will trigger something to make a difference in Indonesia, for better living in Indonesia. We also want to raise and show the real face of Jakarta and it circumstances to the surface, this is the reality around us, the reality which happens in Jakarta, the reality from the perspective of the StreetBanditos.

You can download StreetBanditos latest project “Railways Runaway” here.
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