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[Tutorial] Mobile in Motion: FiLMiC Pro Video Series no.1

I’ve been looking forward to this series for quite a while now.  As a mobile photographer, I feel like I know my way around my device’s camera.  However, when you switch the controls to video, it’s an entirely different story.  When I first saw the FiLMiC Pro app in action, being used to produce a documentary for the first Darkroom Series, I was super impressed by how much control is available to you when shooting video.  I downloaded it and was instantly intimidated by all the options.  Which is why I’m stoked for this opportunity to hear some insider tips from the developers, who are also filmmakers.

If you missed my interview with FiLMiC Pro Founder and CEO Neill Barham, check it out here.

Neill and the FiLMiC Pro team have something special for the We Are Juxt community to kick of this first week of the FiLMiC Pro tutorial series – 10 promo codes available to the first 10 people who comment below … when commenting, tell us what country you’re located in (where are you accessing the app store).

Then, follow along as we begin learning how to harness the power of FiLMiC Pro…

Thanks for stopping by, folks!  Let us know in the comments how you’re getting along with your FiLMiC Pro experience, and join us again next week for the Mobile in Motion Tutorial #2…


  1. I have Filmic Pro & would really appreciate some good tutorials to get the most out of it! I love what I know of it so far.

    • Glad to hear you’ve got the app, Paul!

      Stay tuned for the rest of the tutorial series this month…

      - r

  2. Filmic pro does look complicated at first glance. Any introductory lessons like this are very welcome. I am in the UK.

    • Thanks for reading, Neil! I hope you enjoyed the first tutorial :)

      I’ll be emailing you shortly…

      - r

  3. Thanks, Rachel – that was a good first tutorial. I liked that it was short and limited the information to just a couple of features. As a curriculum designer I know that is a desirable way to teach online. Looking forward to more!

    • Very glad you enjoyed it! We’ll see you next week…

      - r

  4. Looks little complicated but interesting! I am from Finland

    • Hi Sami, thanks for writing! It’s definitely complicated but worth the effort :) Will be emailing you shortly…

      - r

  5. I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Love Filmic Pro, tutorials a definite plus. Thank You

    • Thanks for stopping by, Georges! I’ll be emailing your promo code shortly.

      - r

  6. I’m in the UK and have read much about FilmicPro – really looking forward to the tutorials. Thank you.

    • Glad we can share the love, Keith! Just emailed you…

      - r

  7. Looks like an excellent app. I’m in the US.

    • Cool, thanks Joshua! I’ll be emailing you shortly…

      - r

  8. I love filmic pro using it for a while. But still i am not comfortable with all the controls. I am yet to watch your tutorial. Thanks for this series. I am looking forward to learn a lot from you guys.
    I am from Austin, Texas

  9. Been using FiLMiC Pro for awhile now but recently upgraded to iPhone 5s so I’m enjoying both a more powerful camera and app. Thanks for the tutorials! I’m from California, USA.

  10. I’ve tried the app, but needed to know how to use it better…thank you for these much-needed guides! I live in New York State, USA.

  11. I’m just getting in to iphone film-making, but have heard that Filmic Pro is the one to use. (I’m in Australia, by the way.)

  12. Good start, keep going, we will learn and enjoy


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