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IPA 1000 Words December 2013

We Are Juxt believes that a picture is worth a thousand words.

We tell stories through our photos, and sometimes a photo can say more than a whole book ever could. These folks I’ve picked to showcase today are from the site ( IPA ) which has some of the most fascinating and beautiful galleries of work I’ve ever seen in one place. It is a small community, but everyone there is a true artist in every way. These are a few that submitted to the 1000 words group.  We will try and do this at least once a month, it all depends on the number of submissions we get.

Please visit the site and these artists galleries, there’s plenty more where they came from. To see more from this beautiful gallery go here. 

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Daguerreotype & Ambrotype inspired Mirror And Glass iPrints

1000 Words IPA is curated by Mike H. 

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Still Walking The Line by Alan Julliard
IPA // Flickr // Oggl // Instagram

I grew up next to the train tracks, so close that boxcars were moving targets for my snowballs.  I had nightmares of trains jumping the tracks and chasing me but as I got older, the noises in the night put me to sleep rather than disturb it.  The tracks became my trail to the stores, school and great adventures past factories and farm fields alike.  A love of all things related to railroads led me to discover the works of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and many others who embodied the spirit of the railroads.  Although I have traveled by train in other countries, I feel that in North America the relationship is special and unique – an oily grittiness and restlessness that permeates the American character – and runs through my blood as well.  This image was created from 2 exposures, both done with Hipstamatic Oggl using the Tinto 1884 lens and D-Type Plate film, then combined in ArtStudio.  I plan to be a ghost when I die so that I can still walk the line…

She Runs On Love by Brandon Kidwell
IPA // Website // AMPt // Eye’Em // Instagram

This is a portrait of my daughter Devan.  She is currently sixteen and deep into the daily drama of a teenage life.  Whatever the situation is she’s always acting with her heart.  Fragile and beautiful, she blindly walks into relationships not seeing others for who they are but who she thinks they can be.  This way of life has caused her to be let down many times but she continues on and I couldn’t be more proud of the foundation that she is building on.  She’s learning more about the human spirit and that everyone needs love but not all people are meant to be in love.  This is my adult interpretation of the situation, in the details there is much more teenage drama and a million texts and tweets but when you get to the core of what it is she’s after and what fuels her, it’s love, she runs on love.

Editing Process:

-iPhone5, shot with Camera+
-Filterstorm – Double Exposure edit blending a portrait and a picture of trees (rotated upside down) using the Screen mode
-VSCOCam – to make the lighting softer
-Mextures – used to add warmth with layers of Light Leaks
-Repix – used to add hearts
-Snapseed – Vintage3 used for the texture, adjusted from default as desired
-Final image blended in Filterstorm with initial DE blended image masking in appropriate areas to achieve lighting and warmth as desired

Time Flies by Ioannis Sidiropoulos
IPA // Flickr // Instagram // Facebook // AX3

This picture was made for a challenge to edit a golden pocket watch, that was the main theme only. I opened the picture with Filterstorm pro to blend a portrait of a friend inside the watch, saved and then I added another layer with a random creature that I found on the internet searching for video games graphics, to blend this one with the previous one. I then opened the picture with Snapseed to use the dark2 effect, then I used the drama tool. Next to Photostudio to make the pic black and white, Saved it. The image was ready in not more than 15 minutes… Just to inform everyone that this image with another two helped me win the 2013 American Aperture Awards in the mobile photography category – people/portraits and I’m proud of this work . I’d love to thank all the team of  We Are Juxt for helping me spread my work to the world and be one of the great artists that are shared this week.

1384193730 by Lola Mitchell
IPA // Flickr // Website // Prints // Instagram // Facebook // Tumblr

I have been wanting to do a black and white close up series of portraits inspired by vintage photos I have seen. In it there is a sense of melting. For this I started with a photo taken with Hipstamatic. Then I went into Snapseed to add contrast and brightness. In Procreate I added eyelashes. I used Facetune, Art Rage and Elasticam to transform the face and add the sense of melting eyelashes. I went into Glaze and saved a few filters, which I put into Leonardo. In Superimpose I added the dots which are actually a macro of a rain drop taken with olloclip I changed into black and white and added each drop at a time. In Luminance I used the blue and gold filter and was done.

I’m Not Sleepy by Joel Adam
IPA // Flickr // We Are Juxt // AMPt // Backspaces // VSCO

Apps: ProCamera, Snapseed Superimpose, iColorama, and VSCOcam.

Surfers No6 by Petyr Campos
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em // Instagram

The image was shot on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA on a beautiful day as the sun was starting to set. I like taking pics of surfers because it’s just one of those cool aspects of beach culture I admire. What’s a beach without surfers? It’s like peanut butter without chocolate.

In this image, the surfer was calling it quits for the day and walking out of the water. For me, when taking pics of surfers, it’s all about anticipating where the surfer is going to be entering or exiting the water and positioning yourself in the right place on shore for the surfer to walk into your frame. You have one or two seconds to get the shot and it’s always hit or miss. It also helps if you don’t mind getting wet as waves hit you while taking pics.

Apps: Image was shot with Mpro, a B&W camera app. I then took the image into the Kitcam app, which unfortunately is no longer available on the iTunes store, and used the following lens: Accent and Film: Brooklyn.


  1. Utterly fabulous collection. Congrats all!

    Hey Joel & Brandon – great to see you up there :)

  2. Thank you Mike for this honor ..great collection

    • Thank you, my friend

  3. Hey Mike and the gang, thank you for including my image! The folks here and IPA are constantly inspiring me to push myself and to see things differently!

    • Thanks for your submissions, Alan! Keep em coming!

  4. Thank you Mike for the honor of including my work here, I have enjoyed and been inspired by the other artists some of which I’m happy to become aware of for the first time!

  5. Thank you Elaine, it truly is an honor!!!


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