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Daguerreotype & Ambrotype iPrints Kickstarter Project

Nate Park, Co-Founder of IPA, has launched a kickstarter project inspired by two of his favorite things – mobile art and traditional photographic processes.

Check out his project (especially some of the backer rewards that I’m proud to be a part).

Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints

As a project creator you work hard to make something you’re proud of and it’s exciting to finally put it out there to see the kind of response it gets.

As a backer, it is cool to be a trendsetter and make a statement saying, “I support this person, idea, cause, etc…”, and it’s also great to get something cool in return.

There are a myriad of reasons why I want to do this project.  I want to create something that enhances the presentation of what we do, while paying homage to the traditional aesthetics of the past.

I drown in the ocean of content that is being churned out right now, and I miss the days where we cherished every print, especially those that mean the most to us.  Think about it, whether you are an artist, professional photographer or not, everyone has that one image, that frozen moment that we never forget.  A memory that transcends time.  I don’t want to lose that moment.  I want to hold on to it and connect with it in a real way.  I want that to be how we are remembered, and I want to share that for generations to come.

Because it is tactile, it has a deeper meaning and purpose, and will outlive the device you used to make it.  Mobile creativity is all about collaboration and sharing, so I thought working with the community to bring these into fruition is the perfect way to do it.

I designed the project to be something the mobile art community can rally around, while getting something beautiful and tangible in return.  And whether you are an artist or not, everyone deserves to have one of these fine art pieces in their collection.

I realize I am so passionate about what we are all doing and what we are creating together, at times I lose perspective. So in a way this project is a challenge to the mobile art community.  It is a yardstick to see where we stand.  I want to take it to another echelon, are others on board?  Is there any interest in escaping the digital space and making real, tactile fine art from digital images?  Is there a market for selling the work of mobile artists?  I want to move IPA and iPrints into the next phase and do another large scale festival like we did in 2012.  Is there a demand?  The response from the community for this project will dictate the future of a lot of these things.

Obviously I’m on board, and I’m confident we can rally and make something that is real, has purpose, and is beautiful together.  But I could be in the minority.  Luckily I don’t have to make the decision myself.  It’s really up for all of us to decide how it plays out and which direction we go from here.

Lastly, I want to give special thanks to the artists who donated prints as rewards for the project.  From a financial standpoint, it is really the key to making this whole thing work for us. And it is an incredible opportunity to own a signed limited edition piece of contemporary art.

Thank you for supporting us, every dollar matters.  And if you can’t support financially, that is OK!  Share your passion with someone else.  It’s a perfect conversation starter as to what mobile photography is and why it is important to you.

- Nate Park

Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints

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  1. This is great! Thank you for getting this all put together! Can’t wait to try it out!


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