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Art In Life

Ako has a nostalgic and artistic view of the world.

She takes ordinary pictures and expresses a fresh start of life through her photos. Not only focusing on fleeting moments, her work shows and tells us of survival power, which lets us know that our world is beautiful.

- Hayami

Self Portrait

iPhone 4s (Native Front Camera)

Apps used: Snapseed, Blender, ScratchCam, Mextures & FixFx


A: Ako // H: Hayami

H: Please introduce yourself.

A: I’m Ako. I’m working as a graphic designer in Tokyo. My grandfather and father loved taking pictures, so I started interested in picture since I was little. My favorite photographers are Robert Frank, Joel Peter Witkin, and Shinzo Fukuhara.

Not only in taking photos but I also have an interest in movies and music, mostly in movies which have a sense of humor.

I learned fine art in college, however, while I was in school I never officially took pictures as a professional photographer.

One year ago, coincidently, I heard about Hipstamatic and started Instagram. It’s fun to take pictures by using an iPhone, since then I’m more into mobile photography.

H: Why “mobile photography”?

A: There are reasons why I pick mobile photography. First of all, I love using an iPhone. It’s a cell phone, so I can take pictures and edit whenever I want such as while on the train, at coffee shops and so on. Second of all, many applications and devices are changing over time, so I feel more chances in mobile photography. I’m using iPhone 5 to take pictures now, but I use iPhone 4, 4s, iPod touch 4 as well.

H: When do you usually take pictures?

A: I usually take pictures on the way to work or while having a break. I like taking pictures in the morning or in the evening.

H: When do you usually get inspired?

A: I usually don’t decide a particular theme when I take pictures. I love to take ordinary, natural pictures. If it is a flower, I usually take a picture of walk side flower instead of buying flowers. When I started taking pictures with Instagram I used to think about the angle, but now I concentrate more on how the light or shadow effect the picture.

From Season To Season 

iPhone 4s,5 (Hipstamatic)

Apps used: Snapseed, Blender, ScratchCam, Mextures & FixFx


H: How does mobile photography influence you?

A: I’m proud of Instagram photographers such as Rebecca and Klara. I have cultural differences between them, but still can sympathize with them and get inspired.

H: Have you ever had an impressive experience through mobile photography?

A: There are two stories:

This spring, I met an old lady while I was taking a photo at a farm village. I nicknamed her Sakura, she was the owner of the farm.  She talked about the stories of planting sakura trees and a farm with a smile. At that time, I showed her what I took on Instagram. That was the first time I showed my pictures to a stranger. I felt like I got connected with the place and Ms. Sakura through pictures. Since then, I take pictures of the farm of Sakura.

Another story is about a Japanese painter who lives near my house. At her field, she grows flowers and fruits, they grow very strong day by day. By taking photos and making a record of it, I can feel the strong energy of plants. Sometimes, she gives me branches of trees for photos. Usually, I can’t get rid of the flower or branch until it dies.

H: What kind of challenges do you want to have with mobile photography?

A: I love to challenge to take street photos.

H: Do you have any message to it?

A: I most likely talked about mobile photography today, however, I’m interested in other cameras too. At my house, I have old version of combustion machine, which has the old fashion taste. To me taking photos is not just taking pictures but also having emotions or stories as a background are very important to me. I would like to take pictures, which have a story to impress others.





- Hayami

Playing Taiko Drums At a Shrine

iPhone 5 (ProCamera)

Apps used: Snapseed & VSCO


A: Ako // H: Hayami

H: まずは自己紹介をお願いします。

A: Akoです。グラフィックデザイナーとして東京で仕事をしています。

祖父や父が写真が好きだったため、小さな頃から私も写真に興味がありました。好きな写真家は Robert Frank、Joel Peter Witkin、福原信三などです。



H: なぜモバイルフォトグラフィーですか?

A: それには、いくつか理由があります。

まず始めに、私は自分のiPhoneがとても好きだからです。いつも身近に置いているので、どこでも撮影して、好きな時に、手のひらの中で編集しています。(電車の中でも、コーヒーショップの中でも、ベッドの上でも…) この自由さがとても自分に合っています。


現在、iPhone5を使用していますが、4や4s、iPod touch 4などでも撮影します。解像度が低いデバイスでも、気に入った写真が撮れることがよくあります。

H: いつもどのような時に写真を撮っていますか?

A: 通勤途中や、休日の散歩中などか多いです。朝や夕方の撮影が好きです。

H: Akoさんの作品はどのようなものにインスパイアされていますか?

A: 私の写真には特定のテーマがありません。生活の中の「そこらへんにあるもの」撮っています。





iPhone 4s (Native Camera)

Apps used: Snapseed & VSCO


H: 影響を受けたモバイルフォトグラファーを教えてください。

A: InstagramのRebeccaさん とKlaraさん を尊敬しています。文化的な違いはありますが、同じ女性として彼女達の視点や感情の表現の仕方は共感する部分が多く、モバイルフォトグラファーとして大きな影響を受けています。

H: モバイルフォトグラフィーを通して、印象に残るエピソードはありますか?

A: 二つお話します。











H: 今後モバイルフォトグラフィーにおいて、どんなチャレンジをしたいですか?

A: 自分では不得意なのですが、ストリート系の写真がとても好きです。もっと街にいる人々を撮りたいと思っています。

H: 何か伝えたいことがあればお願いします。

A: モバイルフォトグラフィーについてお話してきましたが、決してそれ以外の撮影機材を否定しているのではありません。家に残されている古い紙焼きなどを見ていると、何で撮るかということよりも、どのような気持ちで撮るかということが、一番大事だと強く感じます。





I like printing paper. I especially like matte type paper when I edit.

While editing pictures in my folder I choose a couple and then I accumulate them to make it into a movie. As a result, I make interesting work.

From now on, I not only take pictures but try making movies by using an iPhone.



Instagram // oggl



  1. Great interview!

    • Takeshiさん!ありがとうございます。

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my works,
    “We Are Juxt” and Hayami.
    This is an honor for me. I’m extremely glad.

  3. Wonderful. Well done. Now I know I bit more about you Ako

    • I greatly appreciate your kindness, dear David :)

  4. Beautiful images and wonderful interview!!!

    • Thank you very much. I’m so glad.

  5. Such beautiful images, Ako!

    • Thank you so much, Jen! I’m glad I could hear your kind words.


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