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1000 Words Windows Phone Experience 2nd Edition

Welcome to 1000 Words Showcase for Windows Phone via the Windows Phone Experience Flickr group

This group has many great artists and photographers and along with many mobile photography communities is rich in story.

We Are Juxt has asked a these great photographers to help curate this showcase and are very happy that they agreed.  Please put your hands together for Aman, Sony, and Jean Brice.  Their bios and contacts are below.

We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

If you are a Windows Phone photographer please feel free to contribute to the Flickr group.

To view the 1000 Words Flickr gallery by week click here.  Feel free to add your own images. This gallery is curated by Ryan V.

Also please visit out 1000 Words IPA monthly showcase, curated by Mike Hill and the 1000 Words Facebook monthly showcase, curated by Jen Bracewell and Josh St. Germain.

We Are Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

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Best Friends by Mike Hill
Website // Flickr // IPA // We Are Juxt
Shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

A few days after Thanksgiving my dog, Voodoo, had gotten sick. Like real sick, and I was freaking out so we took a trip to the pet emergency room, followed by a visit to our normal Vet once they opened the next morning. We found out it was Acute Pancreatitis, which they say is pretty common for dogs around Thanksgiving time. So they sent us home with meds and a strict diet for the next week and said after that she should be fine. All of this was pretty scary for me, this dog and I are extremely close and are rarely not at each others side. I even take her when I go out of town for vacation. On the way to the ER my fiance told me she was actually more worried about what would happen to me if Voodoo somehow didn’t make it through this, than she was for her, knowing I would never be the same. When you’ve raised a dog for the past four years since it was a puppy, you have the same emotional attachment to it as you would a kid, you care for them, teach them things, worry when they’re sick, it’s all the same. Luckily we brought her in and were able to treat her before it got life threatening. Bull Terriers are tough dogs, no matter how bad she was feeling if I’d look at her and talk to her, that little tail would still wag anyway. The medication made her laid back and drowsy, so I took advantage of that and decided to redo an old photo from a few years ago, but this time using the Lumia 1020.

I got a large solid black cloth to use as a background, carried her into the backyard and found a nice spot in the sun to sit. I draped the cloth over my lap and sat her on top of it, I angled us with the sun so that our shadow would cast over the cloth, but not over our hands. Using auto settings on the Nokia native camera I snapped a few shots holding her paw. I edited it in Fotor, first making it black and white, then I lowered the brightness a lot and upped the contrast a little. Thanks to having the bright sun on our hands they stayed lighter while everything else got dark. So then I raised the sharpness to about 50, and used a sepia filter. Next I lowered the saturation on the sepia by about 90% to give it a darker, golden and more aged look, but not too dark. Lastly I finished in Fhotoroom where I added a vignette to darken the lower parts of our hands and give it some depth.

Voodoo is doing fine now, she’s done with her medication and back to following me everywhere I go, just as it should be. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her.

Horm by Shivaram Krishnan
Twitter // Facebook // Flickr // Instagram // Google+
Shot with Nokia Lumia 920

If you closely observe the image, you will find an animal hiding behind those branches but in actual its a branch. This is an amazing view which I wanted to take.   Thanks to SophieLensHD for the LomoFilter.

Black & White in Colours by Wojtek Papaj
Flickr // Instagram // AMPt // Grupa Mobilni
Shot with Nokia Lumia 800

Cracow is a city of students – the building in the background is one of the biggest libraries in the town. But yet 20 years ago it was a military garrison that recruited, say, not so smart young men (the communists used the troops as a cheap workforce…)

My attention drew the opposites in the stage: the black bike and the white bike, their contrary arrangement, bigger and smaller ball… And of course the change of public functions of the building…

I used a Soviet Kam camera app (something like Hipstamatic for WP7 ) – then the original photo was edited with Fhotoroom and Lomogram.

Taj Mahal Sunset by Jen PB
Website // Instagram // Twitter // We Are Juxt
Shot with Nokia Lumia 920

I was just in India and got to visit the Taj Mahal. Suffice it to say, it exceeds the hype. It’s huge and both massive and delicate at the same time. Agra isn’t known for the having the cleanest air in the world, but this works to your advantage around sunset. All the particulate matter makes for some pretty amazing sunsets. While made of white marble, the Taj Mahal seems to change color as the sun dips. One minute it’s white, then yellow, pink and finally orange. It’s also a bit tough to photograph because it’s so massive you need to have a bit of distance to get it into frame, and there are only so many places you can shoot from.  I took this image facing west from the Guest House building on the Lumia 920. I edited it using Tiffen FX to enhance the sunset, and help bring out the details in the architecture and the texture in the stone tiled courtyard. It’s amazing how the building is both imposing and delicate at once. When shooting a UNESCO World Heritage sight, there are going to be crowds. But The details look almost like lace or filigree. You might notice minarets lean a bit– they were intentionally designed this way by the architect in case they collapsed, they wouldn’t fall on the tomb.

Untitled by Bidyut Bikash Boruah
Shot with Nokia Lumia 520

Actually, I am just a beginner of photography. I always try to click some good photographs by manipulating the limited settings options provided in my Lumia 520. I took this photo using low ISO, because I wanted to focus on the standing man and blur the moving train.

Vesipääsky by Antti Tassberg
Flickr // 500px // Twitter
Nokia Lumia 1520

I’m about to run a RAW photography intro course for a group of Lumia 1520 users. This photo is one of the series I’ll take for the course. It’s shot in DNG and edited in Lightroom. It’s quite awesome that you can shoot DNG with a smartphone and to be able to process photos similarly to DSLR RAWs.

Untitled by George Vu
Flickr // Instagram // Twitter
Shot with Nokia Lumia 928

My friend, Amanda (pictured), took me to Pleasure House Point which is maintained by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for some sunset photos. We got to walk thru some foot trails along Lynnhaven Bay and I was able to take this photo of her as she was taking photos ahead. We walked quite a bit that night and this is one of my favorites that came from it.

Getaway in “Petit Palais de Paris” by Thierry A
Flickr // Instagram
Shot with Nokia Lumia 920

Untitled  by Jen Bracewell
Website  // Instagram // EyeEm // Flickr // Twitter // We Are Juxt
Shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

I took these images of my daughter and the Virgin Mary at a very old shrine near an adobe. My daughter is 5 and adores this statue, bringing her little gifts and fruit each time we visit. We aren’t religious people but this is a special place for us to come and think quietly. I love the peaceful expressions on both faces.

I used my favorite Windows app, fantasia painter, to merge these two images together and then finished with a filter in LoMob

Alone in the wilderness by Gergo Harcz
Flickr //  Twitter // Instagram
Shot with Nokia 920

One morning I was walking in the woods and then I saw this pine forest. It was like a scene in a horror movie. Great colors and lights were, it was all for a good photo. It’s a handmade photo with Lumia 920. I put a little blue effect afterwards.

I was very happy for some trees, great consistency and formed a framed picture.

Growing up too fast by Bridgette Shima
Email / Twitter Instagram / EyeEm / Website
Shot with Nokia 1020

This photo is part of a series of portraits I took a while ago of my son. I ended up with a load of images, mostly of him laughing and giggling but this one, well… showed a different side of him.

My son is the most lovable, kind, heartfelt boy, but at times he can expose another side to his cute self. I know it’s part of him growing up (and having to learn to deal with his emotions) but it’s still hard to swallow at times.

No matter what though, he always has that tender look in his eyes.  One which I’ll continue to nurture and preserve.



Aman G., Germany
Twitter // Flickr  // Tumblr // 500px // Mobile Photography Blog
Born in Ethiopia, escaped from a civil war as a child in the end ‘70. Grew up in Germany… loved the Nokia N95 8GB with its fantastic Image quality back then,  but my real mobile photography obsession began late december 2012, when i bought the Lumia 920. I shoot to freeze the moment, …addicted in details. There’s no real concept behind my photos… i see the moment and love the fact to have my weapon in my pocket to catch that moment…. Any where… any time.



Sony Arouje, India
Flickr // Tumblr site of my Lumia 920 photos // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
By profession I am a Software Architect working in Banglore, India. I am very passionate about photography. I started clicking from 2007 when I bought my Nikon DSLR camera. I never explored mobile photography until I bought the Nokia Lumia 920, it got an awesome camera. I realize the power of mobile photography and I kept my DSLR aside and started shooting in my Lumia 920. I love street photography and majority of my photos are from the streets of Bangalore.



  1. I’m honored to have my image included. Mike I’m glad to hear VooDoo is on the mend.

  2. All of these photos are beautiful! Congrats everyone!

    The one that really speaks to me is Mike Hill’s shot of him and Voodoo… I’ve always LOVED this shot, but hearing the back story, well… brought some tears to my eyes. Beautifully done Mike. So glad Voodoo is doing well.

  3. Fantastic collection! Well done everyone!


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