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Introducing Fragment – New to the App Store

Innovative Fragment app enhances images using visually-arresting prismatic effects.

– Latest mobile photography offering from the developers of Tangent, App Store Best of2013. –

(Promo Codes available.  Please comment below before they all run out.)

The photo app wizards at Pixite  LLC, the developers of Tangent (App Store Best of 2013), have done it again and created another extraordinary app for mobile photography. Called Fragment, the new photo enhancement app lets users transform their photos into stunning, visual artistry using a series of uniquely prismatic overlays. The overlays break up, or “fragment” images into a collage of mesmerizing patterns and shapes that Pixite’s Creative Director Ben Guerrette says, “mirrors the effect of looking through refracted glass, or the facets on a gemstone or prism.”

Fragment’s users can take any picture from their photo library, choose how they want to crop it and then manipulate the image by selecting from a creative toolbar of overlays featuring various frames, shapes, and patterns. Once selected, the image is then “fragmented” into a kaleidoscope of reflections, depending on the overlay, and can be scaled and rotated at will using simple finger swipes and pinches.

Additionally, there are intuitive shading and color controls with brightness, contrast, blurring, additive, inversion and desaturation capabilities. For users who love spontaneity, Fragment serves up a shuffle button, offering randomly “fragmented” creations that can provide further artistic ideas and inspiration.

What’s even more striking about Fragment is the use of a “highly-reactive, lightning-fast interface,” says Creative Director Ben Guerrette. “As users select overlays, the updates are seen in real-time, so images actually “fragment” when scrolling your finger across the controls. Technology like this is redefining the industry, and it’s exciting to harness this kind of high-level engineering for Fragment’s release.”

Keeping with Pixite’s highly-successful Tangent and LoryStripes photo apps, Fragment’s users can choose to share their pictures through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with just a tap, or “Refragment” to continue adding
additional layers to their design.

While serious mobile photographers will gravitate to Fragment’s stunning capabilities, the app is being offered as a simple-to-use tool for the day-to-day photo enthusiast. “Even if you’re not a digital artist, the possibilities are endless,” says Guerrette.

Fragment’s unique features:
- 46 distinctive fragments (frames, shapes, and patterns)
- Fragment size and position is fully editable and scalable
- Photo size and position is completely editable inside fragments
- 62 unique blend colors
- 6 adjustable effects including brightness, contrast, additive, blur, invert,
and desaturate for artistic control
- Customizability of fragments, blend colors, and adjustable effects equal
infinite design possibilities
- Unlimited layering through “refragments”
- Share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
- Creations can be sent directly to other apps, or saved to the Camera Roll

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Fragment is $0.99 (USD) for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively
through the App Store in the Photo and Video category.

Purchase and download Fragment now!

Fragment is a super easy and intuitive app allowing for many editing styles and possibilities. Lots of options such as blur, contrast, desaturate accompanied with a vast array of mask shapes and graphics in which your effect can be applied and with precise control. The app allows you to perform edits which previously may have taken 2 apps or more to achieve helping streamline the editor’s workflow. Or alternately you can mix it up with other apps to create whole new effects.


This app has been amazing. There are lots of fun elements to it –it’s really hard to know even where to begin. The best way that I can describe it is that you can overlay your image with an amazing array of shapes and patterns and within those shapes it mirrors your image. And then on top of that you can play around with the “fragment” and/or the back ground with really cool options for example you can saturate, blur, brighten, invert, or contrast either the fragmented area or the original image. In addition to that there is a filter system of around 50+ colors that you can work with to adjust the tones. One of my favorite features of the app is a “random” button which will choose filters and shapes for you. Be prepared for hours of fun and mind-blowing photo editing!

Laura Price

The first thing I think of about Fragment is it’s an app that not only provides a unique way to alter photos but it has the possibility of being a game-changer in the mobile design community. Fragment brings together two main elements – creative shapes and the ability to alter photos in multiple dimension. No longer are several apps needed for this kind of photo design with the addition of Fragment. Add in six editing elements such as blur and invert, and a dynamic color bar, and this is a design app that has limitless possibilities for beginner and veteran mobile designers. Fragment is one of five mobile design apps that I consider using with almost every edit. A must-add design app.

Jamie Lawson
Instagram // Website 

I love Fragment for editing all types of photos. I decided to include a portrait here to show the versatility of the app. It’s a wonderful tool to add a graphic element to any image. A must-have for every mobile photographer’s toolbox!

Jen B


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