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1000 Words Showcase, Week 66

This week’s showcase brings us wonderful photos from Bobocinema, Brandon Kidwell, and jq gaines.

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images.

This gallery is curated by Ryan V.  To see the Showcases by week click here.

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1000 Words Facebook curated by Jennifer Bracewell and Josh St. Germain; 1000 Words IG, curated by Dave T and Holly T; and 1000 Words IPA, curated by Mike Hill. If you have any questions about any of these platforms please contact the Juxters who curate for those platforms.

Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

Calligrammes 1 – Tribute to Guillaume Apollinaire by Bobocinema

This image comes from my joint passion for poetry and for the pictures. For a long time I wanted to experience the fusion of poetic words in my photographs . The solution I found – for the moment – in “Calligrammes” by Guillaume Apollinaire, the great French poet of the early twentieth century. This version of “Reconnais – toi”, or ” Recognize Yourself”, that I chose has the distinction of being written in a Scandinavian language , then something profoundly altered from the original of which traces remain , however, in visual form. My photographic style is basically metalinguistic and based on the reprocessing and remanipulation of previous visual materials such as photographs, pictures, movies, visual poems, posters, prints, always blended with my photographs. The development came from my iphoto black and white taken with Hipstamatic (Lens Foxy, film Rock BW -11) and with various and repeated overlaps with superimpose , my favorite app , including two passages in TouchUpPro and photocopier.

She Blooms by Brandon Kidwell
Flickr // Web // IG // EyeEm

All of the moments come rushing at once when I look at her. Once a small girl jumping on my back begging me to carry her.  Once small and silly begging me not to tickle her as she giggles and waits for me to chase her.  Once small and precious, time has been passed like rushing waters and a beautiful young lady she’s become, I’m so proud of my daughter.   iPhone5, two images blended in Filterstorm, filtered in VSCO Cam, Snapseed Vintage 3 final layer masked in Filterstorm.

Dey Rd (03) by jq gaines

I am a huge fan of  Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline’s paintings… and have been revisiting a lot of their work recently. This winter I’ve decided to work with nature as a source for exploring black and white compositions. These particular trees belong to a farm down the road from us and were photographed on the day after our first snowfall. This is a Hipstamatic photo (Lowy & BlacKeys Extra Fine) that was set into a frame using Snapseed.

Project: Shrinking Poznań by Michał Koralewski – mobile photography
Flickr // IG

The bridge with the cathedral in the background is one of the most recognizable place in my city (Poznań in Poland). I’m taking tons of photos here, so from time to time I try something different – another angle, different composition, etc. Generally, I don’t like to duplicate shots I made before. This time I had Olloclip lens with me. I twisted the wide-angle lens off and tried a make a shot right through it. Than I processed the photo in Mattebox (what a great app it is! I discovered this app just a few weeks ago, thanks to Robert-Paul Jansen). In the end I desaturated the photo in ColorManager, leaving only a small part in color.

Pinky Flowers by patty.larson

Flickr // FB // IPA // IG // EyeEm

In this picture, I wanted to mix some nature with my face and I think the result was wonderful. “We are all part of nature.” Apps used in this photograph: superimpose, camera+ and pic granger.

2013 | Portraits by deletedpeople
Flickr // IG // EyeEm // G+

After having a hair cut, I asked my wife if l can take a few photographs. So with me having my phone with me at all the time. I managed to come out with a few portraits and, hence, 2013 | Portraits, with all the influence and inspiration from around Flickr, Google+,  Instagram and EyeEm. 
On these platforms I have come across some talented people and learned a lot about mobile photography. It is this influence that is pushing me to carry on shooting with my mobile phone and I continue to learn and share more of my findings on these mobile photography communities. 
Photograph shot with Sony Experia Z, processed in Vscocam for Android with #1 preset.

day in, day out by miu_r

This shot tries to show people’s normal activities from an interesting view. When I was riding on the subway, I stood by the door. The door opened, and I thought that it was an interesting view of the subway. I shot some photos with my iPhone5 and I thought this one was perfect, as the station officer and passengers were going about their normal activities. Then, I processed this with one of my favorite apps, Camera+, for brightness and tones.


  1. Another superb collection. Congrats all.

    Great to see you in there Brandon!

  2. Thank you Ryan for the opportunity to be included in this feature. Congratulations to everyone, I’m honored to be in such amazing company and finding new inspiring artists.

    Thanks Elaine, so great to be seen here, I’m honored!!

  3. I’ve been away for the past week… and just now caught wind of this beautiful showcase. Thank you so much for including my image, Ryan… I’m truly honored and grateful to be among these wonderful artists. _/\_ Wishing you all a very wonderful New Year!


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