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A Farewell To (Part 1) (IPA) is a place that has been a huge influence on me, the work there was all top notch and everyone was someone I would consider an artist. The creators of the site, Nate and Daria, have decided to move into another direction with their careers and devote their full attention to something they are more passionate about, printing. And on February 24th the website and community of IPA closed its doors. These are some of the people who wanted to say a few words from their experience with this once great website, accompanied by their favorite photos they once posted to the site.

Curated by Mike H. 

To see the 1000 Words features from IPA.

Joel Adam

Flickr // We Are Juxt // AMPt // Backspaces // VSCO

I’m not going to get all sappy because that ain’t my style.  I will say that IPA is what got me into mobile art photography and for that I’m eternally grateful. I’ve met many talented artists who became friends, teachers, and overall inspiration.

Nate and Daria, you created a wonderful haven for artists that will never be duplicated. Thanks for giving us all the chance to be a part of something special. I wish you well with the new transition and hope to be included. Take care, kids!

Cecily Caceu

Flickr // Instagram

Like many of us, I first found IPA by doing a Google search for iPhone photography.  I joined back in April of 2011, which now seems like a very long time ago. I immediately signed up and saw such stunning artwork. I have been on Flickr since 2005 but the artwork I saw on IPA had a much different feel and frankly I was a bit intimidated.

It is here that I learned about the world of apps through the generous sharing of information from photographers from all over the world! I have made so many wonderful friends here and feel deeply indebted to you all, as well as Nate and Daria for keeping this site going.

Thank you all for your support, love, friendship and encouragement over the years and for sharing so openly all of your tricks of the trade. I would not be here today if it were not for your friendships and our common love of nurturing our creative spirits! I’d like to think that we are not saying goodbye but that we are simply moving to a different house. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone.

Bobbi McMurry

Website // Flickr // Eye’Em // Instagram // Facebook

I had only just discovered IPA about 6 months ago and loved the warm community of it’s members, the quality of artwork and the inspiration I found in that community. When I had a free moment, I could frequently be found looking through the amazing gallery both in general and of specific members. I also loved the “studio talk” section and hearing what other members had to say and getting to know the members a little better while also learning about the genre in general.  So sad to see it go, but also looking forward to what Nate and Daria will bring in the future.

Monica Matteuzzi

Twitter // Google+ // Instagram // Behance // Tumblr // Pinterest

It was at the beginning of 2011 that I came across The website  layout  was clean and effective. Its main features – to show personal work, to organize series, to create groups – were the perfect starting point. But above all I appreciated the spirit of the community: it was a place to read useful hints, thoughtful and observant comments,  to improve personal vision and play with the world of photo apps. When Iphoneart lost Nacho Cordova, one of its most supportive and creative members, I then realized how much I was involved in it. That’s why it is hard now to write something about its disappearing. I want to say “thanks” to all iphonographers I knew in IPA and to Nate and Daria, the co-founder, for this rewarding experience. I’ll stay connect with your next projects!

Jennifer Bracewell

Website // Flickr // Tumblr // Twitter

I found IPA a few years ago. I was in awe of the art showcased there. As I became more deeply immersed in the community, I found the people to be kind, generous, funny and talented. A wonderful bunch. I’ll miss everyone and the site that brought us together, iPhoneArt. I wish Nate and Daria the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Susan Tuttle

Website // Flickr // Instagram // Facebook

I wanted to thank Nate and Daria for providing such an incredible resource in the form of IPA to both promote and encourage the work of mobile artists around the globe. IPA was my go-to site for connecting with fellow mobile artists — sharing our work, discussing information on apps and accessories, and learning about opportunities for contests and exhibits. I will miss IPA and am grateful for the time I was able to spend with you all there.

David Rondeau

Flickr // Eye’Em // Tumblr // Instagram // Facebook

IPA was like a corner pub or a neighborhood cafe to me. I’m sure that sounds strange, but whenever I wandered in, there was someone I wanted to hang out with. Yes, they had the same interests, but more importantly, they were genuinely nice, wonderful people that were a joy to be around. They were never judgmental and they never made me feel inferior. This was something I hadn’t felt since art school—a sense of belonging and common purpose.

When I heard it was shutting down, I felt a deep sense of loss. It was a visceral shock! It was no different than hearing that the local cafe, where you hung out with all your artist friends, was shutting its doors. That doesn’t mean IPA was perfect. It was actually an unpolished mess that was painfully difficult to use—compared to other photo sites. But that was OK, its faults could be easily overlooked because it was worth it! When you’re talking about a place that makes you feel like you BELONG, none of those things really matter.

What exactly made this virtual space so special? Here are four things I’ll really miss:

There may be an abundance of photography sites on the internet, but none could compare in quality with IPA. Whenever I wandered in, I knew I would find art that was amazing, beautiful, clever, funny, challenging, inspiring, and so much more. It always drove me to be better.

I’ll miss the helpful advice on all things related to photography: information about apps, printing photos, entering competitions, and everything else I didn’t even know that I needed to know. It was an invaluable source of knowledge because the community was selfless and eager to share what it knew. So much so, that Studio Talk was the only discussion forum that I faithfully looked at every single post. Every single one.

IPA was also a great place to “meet” other photographers and have real conversations. Everyone was welcoming! It was easy to strike up conversations, even with people whose talent inspired or even intimidated you. It was easy because everyone shared the same passion and the same sense of common purpose.

I’ll also miss Andrew Proudlove’s group, Breaking New Ground. It was a fantastic group of people always encouraging and pushing each other to explore an app and push the boundaries of creativity. I learned so much about myself and was constantly amazed by everyone’s endless creativity.

Like all before us who have lost a corner pub or neighborhood cafe, we too have lost our communal space. But we have not lost our friendships or our memories, and most importantly, we have not lost our common purpose! Thank you to Nate and Daria for everything you did to create and foster this special place! Without you, this would have never existed. And thank you to all who roamed these virtual halls—you filled IPA with the magic that it made it special.


  1. Egmont van Dyck,

    I will miss IPA, for there I was introduced to so many talented individuals and while I had hoped there could have been another way to keep the site going, I wish Nate and Daria all the very best in their new venture.

    With warm regards,

  2. iphoneart sponsored the event that turned me on to mobile photography – I saw the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival in 2012 and my eyes were opened to the possibilities. Thanks Nate and Darla and thanks Mike for sharing everyone’s thought on how they were influenced by iphoneart.


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