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A Tiny World with Imam Fajarie

An interview with Imam Fajarie by Fahmi R.

The best thing about photography is to be able to show what is unnoticed and to see the beauty that is contained within an object.

This is especially true in macro photography, where we usually don’t have enough time to explore the beauty of the tiny world in our surroundings.

When I came across Imam Fajarie’s macro photography, I saw that he was able to catch the beauty of this tiny world using his android device and wrap it all as one great photograph.

F: Fahmi I: Imam 

F: Hi Imam, before we talk about macro photography, can you tell me about yourself?

I: Hi Fahmi… I work as an interior designer because I love everything related to art, especially in digital design. I have my own company, founded by me and my friends, called ItamPutih Design.

I not only do the design but I also make my design become reality. Because I work on my own company, I have plenty time that can be used for doing my hobbies, one of it is photography using a smartphone.

F: So you love design and photography, two things that stand under one field called art. Why do you love photography? What makes it so interesting?

I: Yes, I basically love art and everything about it such as making a craft, building a mock-up, etc.

I love photography because I am curious about its techniques.  I feel a joy when I successfully catch a moment that’s quite hard to catch.

I use a smartphone which has many pros and cons to create a good photograph. I also experience that my friends guess my photographs are taken using a DSLR camera, that’s the main reason why I increasingly became interested in mobile photography.

F: Why using Android device? And why mobile photography?

I: Actually, I started using a Nokia device as a tool for photography because I thought Nokia had the best camera when compared with other devices. But then Android released the Froyo version and I thought Android was a good combination between photography and it was easy to customize (I love to do some customization on the cellphone) so then I decided to switch to an Android device. Also, Android has plenty of apps that help me so much in post processing the photos.

Why mobile photography? Because mobile photography is economic and easy to handle.  From a user experience, it isn’t too hard to learn and don’t need any special treatment like a big camera.

The main reason why I choose mobile photography is like what I said before, I like it when people guess my photographs come from a DSLR.

F: Where do you get all of your creative ideas?

I: I get it all when socializing with other people and exchange lessons about mobile photography. I am also involved in some mobile photography communities, so I can easily get many great lessons about photography and all of the things related to it. Sometimes other people inspire me on how to produce some good images using mobile phone, then I try to do my own research to develop something that I get from them.

F: Lets talk about macro photography, are there any special tricks to create these images? Now, I agree your macro photographs look like they come from a DSLR.

I: Hehehe, thats’s what I talked about, probably because in macro photography using a mobile device contains a depth of field on its image.

The way to create macro photography with a mobile device isn’t so hard, it just need a macro lens and patience to get the object with a great moment.

The one thing that feels hard is when you try to catch the object using a macro lens.  You need to hold your breath and try to keep as steady as you possibly can, because when you shake a little it will ruin your image and might cause your photo to be out of focus.

F: What’s your big expectation in mobile photography?

I: Simple thing, I hope people see these photos that are taken using a mobile device as a true art of photography. Photography is not about the device that we use to create it, but about the result that we want to create. In other words, I just hope mobile photography can be more acceptable as a serious art on our society.

F: For photography itself, what is your favorite genre of photography?

I: Actually I don’t choose one genre as a favorite one because the photographs that I take depend on the situations that I faced at that moment. So sometimes, wherever I was, and whatever I saw, I just take the photograph that probably potential to be a great photograph without selecting the objects or subjects that refer to one or some genre(s). Either it was a macro, landscape, still life, street, etc. I just snap, snap, and snap if I found any objects or subjects that I like. My point is I just love photography, anything inside of it.

F: Which one is the best fitted to you: composition, color, and balance when you take a photograph or just take a picture then edit it later to fix the composition, color, and balance?

I: I prefer the first one, but sometimes some photographs that I take must be taken quickly as possible (for an object or subject that only happened once on a lifetime or moments that happened so fast). But normally I concentrate on the elements that create a good photograph such composition, lights, color, etc and do some minor edits after.

F: From a scale of 1 to 10, how important is post-processing for you? 

I: I pick 7 maybe.. Because as we know, we still face some cons on mobile photography such under exposure or blurry images. Then we both know, post-processing was really needed to cover it up and turn a bad image into a great one.

F: Ok, now we’re back to the macro photography.  Where do you usually find objects that you think are good enough for macro photography?

I: The macro objects that I usually take are bugs and sometimes flowers. Wherever the plants are then you can find bugs to capture, so I find these objects in my surroundings such park or bush that have a wild habitat. In there, I can find some unique plants and bugs easily.

F: Do you have any special tips or tricks for macro photography using mobile device?

I: It is simple actually, the most important thing is how to keep your hand still. You have to hold your breath to keep your hand still and sometimes it takes a long time to hold your breath. And about picking a time, choose between morning and afternoon when you decide to hunt some macro photos, because lot of bugs are out at that time.

F: Ok thanks Imam for the interview, keep doing what you believe that you can do with your mobile device a’ight..

I: Yes, I will Fahmi, and thanks for the interview too.



Imam Fajarie

I work as an interior designer, I love anything that is related to the arts such as photography.

Photography is the way to interpret my vision about beauty, purity, life, etc.

Photography is not about the device that we have or we use, it’s all about the result that come from imaginations.

Photography is about the way we see the world.

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  1. Thanks Wearejuxt & Fahmi for this great interview :D , hope you all enjoyed my tiny world :D

    • Your shots are amazing! You have inspired me to try macro again : )

  2. So beautifully done! Wonderful macro images. I’m inspired to get out my Olloclip.

    • Thanks Geri :D , Try other than the olloclip lens or likes, such as DIY lenses are made from a used lens pocket camera analog, or Stamp Loupe lens, it’s a great weapon to create macro images with Cell phone :D

  3. There are other worlds but, they are in this One. Which reminds me Thoreau´s thought: ” The question is not what you look at but what you see”. So.. if our eyes are the windows of the soul, well…..there you have it.

  4. Great interview! What lens do you use?