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Pain As Beauty, Erotic As A Way of Life

We are Juxt rewind: This article was originally posted August 14, 2013

In my images I use pain as a beauty, erotic as a psychological way of life.Mira Nedyalkova

Jen’s Intro:

Hi Juxt readers. I spotted Mira Nedyalkova on Instagram only a few weeks ago now. I was fascinated. I contacted her and was so pleased she agreed to an e-mail interview. She is an absolute sweeheart and I’m so happy to share her with you…


All my photographs are self-portraits. They are all done in my home. In the process of shooting i Usually Have idea of what I am going to shoot and the result I want to achieve…through my work of images I express myself and my intimate inner life. In my body of photographs you would find beauty and strong will for life, sorrow and pain, love and eroticism as constant part of our life… I would love to connect all that feelings. For me that is the only way to know the sweetness to be alive, to know the happiness and become part of the beauty of life.” –Mira Nedyalkova

We die and see beauty reign

J: Jen   M: Mira

J: Mira, I was so pleased to find you on Instagram. The moody beauty, sadness, and personal strength that emanates from your images really speaks to me.  Your obvious attention to detail and professionalism are also remarkable. Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview and allowing us to post you images here. I have a few questions for you. I, and I’m sure our readers, would love to learn more about you and your process…

What motivates you to take the images that you take and how did you get started with self portraits?

M: I started as a model when I was 18 years old, and I was also drawing and painting at the same time. I have always wanted to do photography on my own, because I was never really satisfied, I did not see myself in these photographs, these lack of emotion I think was the reason for me to start expressing my real self through me and my own work. I do self-portraits because I know myself best and that way I can achieve my ideas and thoughts. In other words I am the best model for my own work, because I am always here, and always available. It is really satisfying being a model and a photographer, because it is a closed process between me and me where there is no border or limitations.


Let the good times begin

J: What is your life history with respect to art? Have you had formal training? And do you have other outlets for your creativity (painting, writing, cooking, etc.)?

M: I finished Art school with major interior design, and as I said before, I am drawing and painting since i was little. After I found photography it became my priority media in a way of expressing myself through images. I am a totally self-taught photographerThe Lover

J: Aside from my obvious admiration, what kind of a response to you get from people? And what part does that play in your ongoing motivation or artistic style (or both)?

M: I definitely can say that people admire my work. Often of course I find disapproval because of the provocations and message I am trying to put out there where some people are not ready to face. In my images I use pain as a beauty, erotic as a psychological way of life. Main stream approval is not important for me to continue working and creating my work. The most motivating thing is my own need to create my art. I am really joyful when artists that I admire very much are inspired by my work as much as I am by theirs.

 Hiding All Away

J: I just read Instagram’s ‘Terms of Use’ and was surprised to see, “You may not post nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestive photos”. Frankly, I was surprised to see that! You’re certainly not the first person to post… well, all of the above. Did you negotiate with Instagram to keep your account and make it private?

M: When I started with instagram I was not familiar with their Terms of Use. Later on I was banned a few times. After that I conformed with their terms, but again i was deactivated a couple of times, probably because of my style. Now I am private which allows me to choose whomever i want to see my image, but I still pay close attention to what i post, because recently I received a warning that if I continue I might get banned for the third time.

 Poor Butterfly

J: Can you describe where you live and your favorite things about it?

M: I live in Bulgaria, Sofia. At the moment I work in a Italian firm. We work on a European Student projects in few parts of Europe. I am a manager of Sofia office. I travel a lot, mostly Italy. I am very happy, because I really love Italy. I live alone with my two cats, which I love very much. In my spare time I listen to lot of music which is one of my greatest inspirations. At the moment I listen to Chinawoman, Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave…I love spending time with my sister and my friends.

J: Your images strike me as cinematic in style… What or who are your influences?

M: You probably get this feeling, because my images are always full with content, more like stories. I try to say something with the image, not leave it as a empty vision. I do not have special cinema influences. I have favorite films of course, but I am not influenced by any of them. As I said music is my greatest inspiration.

 Today’s the time for courage, babe. Tomorrow can be for forgiving.

J: OK, now for some technical talk: What apps do you use to create and edit your incredible images? How do you set them up? Do you have any help? How do you decide whether to use your iPhone or your DSLR? Any other tips you’re willing to share?

M: I use Iphone instagram and Snapseed. I use mainly Photoshop for my digital edit. I love to work with photoshop, because it give’s me a lot of possibilities and variations. My way of working with an image is to experiment with new techniques, I do not follow a special setting to repeat in all of my work, except when I am working on a series which gives more time to be creative and not to technical. I use My DSLR when I intend to print and exhibit the image, because of the quality and professionalism.

Sleep with Me

J: Where can our readers find and purchase your work, or even just view it on a larger scale?  

EDITOR’s NOTE: Images on the sites listed below are as they are described in this interview. Please do not click the links if you are not prepared to view images as described.

M: Mira’s Blog and website, or my Facebook page - you can find info about my upcoming exhibits and communion, and on Instagram at @mmirabilia

J: Thanks, again, Mira. It was a privilege to interview you. And thanks for the music tips. I listened to Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan as I formatted this interview and LOVED it!



  1. Mira has a stunning collection of work and it’s great that it’s been brought to light through this featured interview.

    • I’m so glad I could introduce you to Mira. I’m thrilled to have had the forum in which to do so. Thanks, Juxt. :)

  2. Stunning photography. Thanks for the intro Jen :)

    • Amazing, isn’t it?! You’re very welcome, Jo. I owe it all to Juxt for providing the forum.

  3. Mind=blown!

    Beautiful work

    • Thanks for the comment, Mike. I’m so glad we could introduce you to Mira. :)

  4. wow! stunning. I must go find her work

  5. Great interview Jen, Mira’s work is truly remarkable!

  6. Beautiful! Loved this interview! Going to see more of it on ig .. Awesome!

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