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Features We Are Juxt members: Richard Koci Hernandez and Brad Puet

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January 5, 2012

B-Town Blog
Local Photogs To Be Featured In Mobile Photography Gallery Exhibit I grew up in Seattle, but as soon as I’d saved enough money for a house, I chose the Burien area. I’ve spent many glorious (and soggy) hours at Seahurst Park and can’t imagine living anywhere else. ”

February 2012

The Stranger
The Fast and the Frozen The Darkroom Series, at Zeitgeist Coffee, is pictures taken on mobile devices. “The easy access,” Boohi Bronson writes, “makes for capturing every stupid beautiful little thing.” Bronson is a member of We Are Juxt, the Seattle “mobile arts community” that organized the Series—We Are Juxt was founded to explore the possibilities of making art while moving, speed being a source of chance. Written profiles of members extol the democracy of the form: busy mothers becoming practicing photographers, for instance.”

August 2012

My Life’s A Trip
Time Magazine In August, I was surprised to discover 5 of my instagrams on the cover of the TIME magazine’s 2012 The Wireless Issue. I was lucky to notice my instagram because it wasn’t font blocked by headlines or letters, as most of the images were. Font blocking is nothing new for photographers who shoot magazine covers. A magazine cover image is always just a background for headlines…”

November 2012

The Guardian/ UK
The Rise of Mobile Phone Photography Your phone camera is your best camera, because it’s always with you. When people say this about mobile photography, or iphoneography as it’s also called, they’re usually talking about snapping those unexpected moments: a man in a banana suit on his way to work; a celebrity involved in a punch-up; or maybe just a beautiful sunset. (Written by Juxter Richard Gray)

December 2012

Some Badass MoPho’s: We Are Juxt Exhibit features Top Mobile Photography ”It seems like only yesterday when the only way to take pictures was to buy a big, bulky and expensive piece of equipment. Now, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer and We Are Juxt is out to show the world the beauty created by mobile devices.”

International Examiner
Mobile Photography Blows Up in Our Backyards ”In Seattle, We Are Juxt, is essentially the platform promoting mobile artists globally to participate, engage, share and appreciate photography through the new innovations of technology in the growing realms of social media. The platform consists of an online magazine, exhibitions and galleries.”

Features We Are Juxt Contributors Bridgette Shima, Brad Puet, and Jennifer Best
January 2013

DPR Connect
2012: The year in mobile photography While 2011 marked many milestones for mobile photography (including the explosive growth of Instagram, numerous major gallery showings of mobile photography art, the first major mobile photography conference, the formation of mobile shooter “super groups” like the Mobile Photo Group, JUXT and AMPt, the abundance of mobile images in photojournalism, and so much more) that it didn’t seem possible 2012 could be any bigger for the nascent art of mobile photography.

King 5 Local
Mobile Phone Photography Takes Off in Seattle ”Forty square-shaped photographs neatly hang from a wall  at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square. It might seem like any  other Seattle art show, but this one is a little different.” (VIDEO)

June 2013 

Windows Phone Central
The We Are Juxt Lumia 920 photography experience: Tips and tricks for getting the ideal photo We Are Juxt is a fabulous resource for mobile photography for those just starting their adventure in photography to those who are more seasoned. The group were asked to shoot exclusively with the Windows Phone for an eight day period and share a few tips on how to take the best pictures. The end result: a respectable collection of tips on not only how to take better photos but how to approach mobile photography as a whole.

Great smartphone photography is about more than just the camera I don’t carry a point and shoot camera and rely on my smartphone for photos, probably more than I really should. Last month we read that the Chicago Sun-Times fired its photographer and I agreed with statements that great photos are about more than just having a camera available. 
We Are Juxt’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone Challenge proves mobile photography is a true art form now  We Are Juxt, a community of mobile photography aficionados, recently presented to its members the possibility to shoot with the Nokia Lumia 920 and its PureView Phase 2 camera, as part of the Windows Phone Challenge. 
Photography Tips for Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone When Microsoft challenged this group, they more than impressed with the resulting images they took with their Nokia Lumias.  Here are some tips from We Are Juxt members, some of which you can use with your own smartphone!

AAWP  Super skillful and super arty photography tips The folks at We Are Juxt have produced an interesting set of phone photography tutorials, ranging from basic to skillful, and from technical to arty, all with something of a focus(!) on the Nokia Lumia 920 and plenty of talk of third party camera lenses and post-processing effects. There’s something here for everyone,


January 2012 “The Darkroom Series 1.0″ Zeitgeist Coffee, Seattle
June 2012 “Autography” Mobile Photography Show Diva Espresso, Seattle
July 2012 Food Lifeline x OKA x Juxt “Be Mobile” Fundraiser Storefront OKA, Seattle
August 2012 “Summer Vibes in Seattle”with Igers Seattle, The Neptune, Seattle organized by Juxters Bridgette, Rachel, Jen P
October 2012 Seattle Interactive Conference: SIC Lounge Washington Convention Center, Seattle
December 2012 “Dreams Without Borders Fundraiser” LARVA (Laboratorio de Artes Variedades) , Guadalajara, Jalisco, México organized by Juxter Hector N
January 2013 “The Darkroom Series V2.0″ Zeitgeist Coffee, Seattle
June 2013Joint” Tijuana Mexico organized by Juxter Hector N
June 2013 “The 24 Hour Project” Los Angeles, California Space Gallery organized by Juxter Sam S

//Media Events (Seattle Only)

June 2012 Georgetown Carnival
March 2012 Bring Back the Seattle Supersonics Rally
August 2012 – Present UW Huskies Athletics Program
December 2012 Bellevue Arts Museuem
December 2012 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
January 2013 Snow Day Seattle
May 2013 Sonicsgate x Neumos x Alive&Well Seattle; Sonics Party

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Instagramers Seattle, Postal Pix, Olson Kundig Architects, Amazon’s DPR Connect, Blurb, Olloclip, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Set A Record, University of Washington Athletics Department, Seattle Seahawks, King 5 – Belo Communications

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