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Koci: 1000 Shots

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Featured Articles, Koci, Shaun S | 5 comments

Koci: 1000 Shots Shaun S. Shaun’s Introduction So, almost 4 months back @koci did a one-day all-day street photo shoot. He said...

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Out of the Phone: First Book by Richard Koci Hernandez

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in You Are Juxt | 0 comments

OUT OF THE PHONE publishes photography books dedicated to photographers using mobile devices to create their artwork. Selected artwork is...

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[Tips for WP] Koci Talks Focus & Exposure

Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in #wpphoto, Koci, Tutorials | 1 comment

Focus and Exposure on a Windows Phone by Koci I love a challenge, especially one that provides insight win or lose. By now, you’re...

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“Dispatches”: The 24 Hour Project

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in 24HRProject, Featured Articles, Koci | 5 comments

“Dispatches”:  The 24 Hour Project by Koci Read about the 24 Hour Project on Juxt from 2012 and 2013 #24HR13 As well as by...

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SIC:// Koci x Juxt 10.29.12

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Announcements, Koci | 1 comment

The following video is an excerpt from an online tutorial for iPhone Shooting at by Koci We Are Juxt is proud to host Richard...

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