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Meet the _uxt(er)s

_uxt(er)s ( _uxt bloggers ) are all mobile device artists from around the world, working on multiple mobile platforms. _uxt(er)s are from the United States to Denmark, United Kingdom to Singapore – a truly international group of artists. They are from all walks of life and each have different and great perspectives on the art that they produce. From the professional artist to the casual enthusiast, we believe that _uxt(ers) have information for everyone in the content that they produce.

The idea behind _uxt(er)s is to empower these artists to share more than a daily photograph on various social media platforms. _UXT(ing) is to further engage through daily or weekly blogging about themselves, their work, and the stories that accompany them.

We invite them to share what makes them tick. What inspires them? Who inspires them? What are their processes? What are their favorite apps and how are they used? Along with their individual blogs, _uxt(er)s will also reach out to you, the community, and ask: What makes you tick? What inspires you? What are your processes? Who inspires YOU? This will be done through community interviewing (Featured Articles). In addition, _uxters’ blogs may be written in their native tongue. WeAreJuxt will not limit community sharing based on language capacity. We encourage writing in your native language!

Read their bios and artist statements, view their favorite photographs, drop them a line, and let them know you stopped on by.

These are our beautiful peoples.

*Editors:  Anna C / BP / Bridgette S Ryan V