Fahmi R.

Fahmi R. Jakarta, Indonesia

Artist Statement

I was born in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,508 islands. I live in Jakarta, a big city in Indonesia, a city that never sleep, a city with tons of problem behind it’s beauty, a city that have lots of stories to tell. For now I was worked as a programmer in an Information and Communication Technology company and as a DJ in my own party organizer. Beside technology and music, I also love and adore art whatever it shape.

Photography for me is a media to interpret my feelings about environment, conditions, and situations. Photography is the one thing that can fill my curiousity and my interest about art. Photography shown the reality that happened around us, that’s why Street Photography was the one that I choose as a main genre for me to doing photographs.

Mobile photography offer the simplicity of taking photographs, editing, and the easiest way to share all of my photos into social media or online gallery. I also use a DSLR as my secondary camera while I doing street photography in Jakarta, why secondary? Because I feel making photographs using mobile device gave me more discretion to freeze every moments that happened right in front of me.

Photography changes my perspective about people and environment. It also raises my imagination about sending messages through photographs that people may not be aware or notice in their surroundings. My mission is to tell the story using photography as the media to the people and society and hopefully that might raise their awareness about other people, environment, and surroundings of the neighborhoods in my city Jakarta and in my country Indonesia.

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