Josh S G

Josh St. Germain Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Artist Statement

To have someone “inside your head” for a moment… to have them feel what you’re feeling…  is something we often wish for when we are experiencing a strong emotion. My goal as a mobile photographer is to put you inside my head for just a moment. I shoot what I find intriguing, no matter what the subject may be. If it grabs my attention, I’ll grab my phone. Whether it’s a foggy landscape, an impromptu self portrait, or a photo of one of my kids, I want you to see and understand why I felt the urge to take that photo.

When you put the word mobile in front of photography, you’re adding more than just 6 letters, you’re adding an international community of creative people.  Along with taking photos with my phone, I equally love interacting with the community.  The opportunity to travel the world in the palm of your hand and meet some of the most creative and inspiring people the world has to offer, is one I won’t waste. This is a powerful and positive movement and I feel blessed to a small part of it.