Paula G

Paula Gardner United Kingdom

Artist Statement
I am a wife, a mother to four wonderful children. Photography is my first language. It’s how I can share my thoughts, visions and dreams with you. I studied photography and fine art at various colleges in London, which enabled me to harness the creative soul within me. I am currently based in London, however Photography has made it possible for me to ‘visually’ travel on a global scale. My own photography business was launched in 2010, alongside my blog as a creative writer.

It wasn’t until November 2011 that I realised the true potential and versatility of the iPhone. I recently had the honour of exhibiting my work at the ‘LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012′ This was an exciting and very humbling experience, one I would love to repeat. My work can be seen published on well known established Mobile Art websites. I have also had the great honour of having my fine art self portrait work mentioned in online National Newspapers here in London as well as LA.

Through mobile photography, my creativity has evolved, my interpretation of life has been revolutionised. I am a visual storyteller with a passion for telling stories.

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