[Seattle] The Darkroom Series v1.0

“The images showed well this evening but as I step back and see what’s going on…it’s about the connection, it’s about the social network! All this stuff is so unexpected and and it’s taken a life of its own and so for the future, it’s wide open and we’re sort of running with it.”- Jeff Ocampo, @gotgoat

This video below is from We Are Juxt’s “The Darkroom Series” show in January 2012 at Zeitgeist Coffee.  Juxt challenged some amazing videographers, Class Project, in shooting and documenting the opening reception with just an iPhone to see what they could come up with.  All of this is in the belief that mobile artistry in both photography and video, will claim a larger stake in the arts world.  The invention of the camera phone and its progression to the iPhone, Android, and other platforms, has given a place for both professional and casual users to produce art at an exponential rate.  You can find artists and creatives truly begin to express themselves in their daily lives.  The folks at We Are Juxt believe that the space for creativity on a global scale will advance with the technology.  We also believe that fostering and cultivating this community is important to its success.

In this video you will see a few artists (Bridgette S., Jenna P., Rachel S., and Ryan C.) express to you what its like to gain due recognition for their artwork.  Juxt would like to not only contribute, but document this movement of new creatives.  Juxt seeks your participation. Let’s have fun!

“Get outside people! Go outside! Run free and take pictures!”Jenna Pool, @redwoodraven

“IT’S MIND BLOWING OUR MINDS” – Ryan and Bridgette =)

[ Feature photo by: Juxt Dark Room Series Artist – Shaun S. @shaun_s ]


Acknowledgements:  Zeitgeist Coffee, The Classroom Project, First Thursdays, DJ Spinja, Class Project, Trover, and The Darkroom Series artists.

For more updates on the next The Darkroom series of shows, stay updated at our We Are Juxt homepage!