1000 Words Mobile Showcase Week 4

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community.

1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.”

We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community. To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images

Here are a few highlights from the gallery this week selected by group member Paula Gardner.

Flickr name: Guitarlogy IG: @guitarlogy

Whenever it rains, what I’d really love to capture are umbrellas. I was just sticking around the wall so that I could take some shots of people with umbrella. The umbrella that is seemingly too small for him looked interesting and funny in a way. This image was edited with vsco cam.

White Socks by Robin Pope

Flickr: RobinLDN Instagram: @RobinLDN

White socks was taken in London along the Embankment and instantly I knew this was going to be a Black and White image. I couldn’t help feel he was going for the MJ look. Shot using my mobile device and processed through an app which I mostly use called SnapSeed. Please feel free check out my other images.

Captivating by Jennifer A Thomas

Flickr: Ikebana Jen IG: @ikebana_jen

I took this image recently at an art exhibition in Paris. The installation by Annette Messager one of my favourite artists consisted of a room full of suspended clothes and objects being blown in all directions by giant fans on the gallery floor. Im rather shy with capturing random strangers but here was a gallery attendant who had just come into the space with her back towards me. She was reading the artist statement posted on the wall whilst this fabulous garment danced around her head. It was too great a moment not to shoot. Her stance combined with the dress floating above created a surreal vision. It’s shot with a favourite hipstamatic combo of Blackeys supergrain film and Jane lens.

I never saw the sunshine ‘til you turned out the light by Janine Graf

Flickr: Janine1968

The title of this image comes from the Tom Waits’ song “San Diego Serenade”. I was sitting by the pond in my backyard one afternoon and was honestly feeling kind of down when I took and edited this image, this song played on repeat inside my mind. I’m usually very happy and upbeat, but for the past four months or so I’ve been feeling blue. Nothing earth shattering, but struggles and sadness nonetheless: struggles with my teen son; feelings of immense sadness that one of my best friends, who happened to live directly next door to me, moved out of state. I don’t believe I’ve ever cried that hard when I was saying goodbye to her on the sidewalk outside her recently sold home, then stood by and watched as she and her family got in their car and drove out of sight, blowing kisses goodbye; and I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’ve lived in rainy Seattle for the past 24 years and I want out (so I suppose my best friend moving away was a good thing after all). But this is life and life is beautiful despite having some ugliness thrown at you. This is why I chose to edit this image the way I did; the lily pads are dark and grungy while the white lily stays bright and clear.

Lake Tholocco by Jennifer Ford

Flickr: gardennymph

This photo was taken at beautiful Lake Tholocco in lower Alabama. Lake Tholocco was was dry for 6 years due to a tropical storm in 1994 that caused the lake to flood and break through the earthen spillway. The lake was restored in 2000, and encompasses 640 acres plus several recreational facilities.
We had the opportunity to visit Lake Tholocco while visiting family this summer. Always on the lookout for photo opportunities, I noticed these beautiful lily pads near the swimming beach. I waded in and framed as best I could – it can be hard to see your iPhone’s screen in bright sun- and did all of the post processing in Snapseed.

Shot with native iPhone 4S camera
Processed in Snapseed

Saturday by Josep Maria Nogueras

Flickr: Josep Maria Nogueras IG @josepmarianogueras Eyeem @josepmarianogueras

This photo was taken on a Saturday afternoon during a family gathering. Once a year, in spring, my family held a meeting of brothers and cousins. During the afternoon, after a long lunch, my daughter and my nieces played and sang songs. This picture tries to capture one of those moments and the mood that was created at home for this special day, with the light of late afternoon spread around us like a blessing…

Shine alone – with stars By Giuseppe krapoz

Flickr: Krapoz Eyeem: @Krapoz

We born. We make our paths. And we grow old.
Life is wonderful but it often leads us away from the fairytales we grew up with.
This is why sometimes we need to reconnect the adult ego to the child within; why we need to rediscover the joy of playing and the power of imagination – to find refuge from the daily issues and look at reality with different eyes.
Let’s just step into the other side: take a breath, it’s full of stars!

1000 Words aims to showcase the beauty of mobile photography and artistry and inspire others to appreciate it. For other editions of 1000 Words and its featured artworks, check our homepage now!