Marita Hodges: In a day

I am endlessly fascinated with people and people watching and thought it would be fun to see a snapshot of life for one day as seen through the lens of different people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

This a new series documenting mobile photographers in a day’. I’ll aim to post a new series of photos from a different photographer every other week. We started the series with Sébastien Pélegrin from France two weeks ago.

This time, our series takes us from France to Kapolei, Hawaii and we spend one day with the lovely and talented Marita Hodges. Take a walk in her shoes for one day and see how things look through the lens of her iPhone.

Most mornings begin early. Coffee and getting the kids to the bus stop… I often take photos during that, but this morning was rushed.

I live in a condo that is full of vacation rentals. Lots of tourists and photo ops…

It’s probably worth mentioning that I don’t sleep much, and have a fairly serious reliance on coffee. Love the stuff. Hazelnut Latte today- otherwise cream and sugar.

I am a full time Mom since January. So instead of showing you my laundry- I thought you’d like to play tourist with me… I just got a Life Proof case for my iPhone and love it!!

This is White Plains beach. It has a section for surfing and one for swimming. It’s also a great place to BBQ if you get here early enough.

I love to shoot here because the sky and waves are always dramatic.

Something else about this White Plains… Monk seals swim up on the beach and sun themselves. Sadly, there were none this day, but I have seen them. I also saw the guy in the water that the seal swam past on the way to the beach. He thought it was a shark, and reacted like it was a shark. I feel bad for laughing…

Pau ( pow ) means done in Hawaii…

A beach near Makapu’u lighthouse. You can almost see the lighthouse…

Scooters are very common on the island. Don’t drive and shoot, it’s dangerous

Lani Kai. Such a beautiful place! The sand is really soft, and the water is crystal clear. If you’ve ever seen a swimsuit calendar from Hawaii you’ve seen Lani Kai. I don’t make it here nearly enough, but it really is my favorite beach on the island.

I think it speaks for itself… I didn’t want to leave.

Iolani Palace.

There is far more to Hawaii than just beaches and resorts. Rich in history and culture there is so much to say. Here’s one fact- Iolani Palace had electricity before the White House.

It started raining really hard so I drove to Waikiki. There’s not a lot of Waikiki that hasn’t been photographed a few million times so I chose Walls. It’s still been shot repeatedly, but I really love this place.

The sunsets are amazing every night, and people line up all along the beaches to take pictures. I love watching them get quieter and focused on shooting. I shot some of them, but this little family caught my attention…

Waikiki after dark… Loud and lots of people shopping, eating, drinking, and leaving the beach. I love the lights, and night shooting. There is no lack of interesting subjects.

At night you can get your portrait done, your name in calligraphy, and watch a variety of street performers. I see this artist whenever I am there at night. I also always take a picture of him.

Juxt thanks you Marita for taking part in this series! If you would like to see more of Marita’s work, you can find her on Eyeem and Instagram.If you would like to be involved in the series, please take a photo that tells a story of your typical day and tag it on Instagram #inaday_juxt. I look forward to seeing your stories!

In a Day with Marita Hodges is just one of our feature stories of an awesome mobile photography enthusiast. If you want to learn more about mobile photography or some of the best artists in this field, check it here.