An iPhone 7 Review

iPhone 7 is a better handset than its predecessor, but not spectacular. In the way of upgrades, the changes aren’t as fantastic, leaning more on improved user experience than an altogether new experience, but the iPhone 7 delivers nonetheless – faster processor, water resistance, longer battery life, powerful camera, etc.

If you’re torn between buying the iPhone 7 or not, let’s take a closer look at the phone’s specifications to help you make the right choice.

Design and Screen

When it comes to the iPhone 7’s design, there are two major improvements: (1) it can now sustain a plunge in the water thanks to the water resistant chassis; and (2) the headphone jack is missing at the bottom of the design.



It comes at a 128.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm size with a 7000 Series aluminum body with curved edges that provide a sleek and gorgeous overall look to it. The aluminum used is more durable and lightweight than other competitor phones. Although the phone features a more powerful battery and faster internal specs, the phone weighs 5g lighter than the previous iPhones. At 138g, the iPhone 7 fits in the hand more comfortably.

The home button for the iPhone 7 has also gone through an improved look. Rather than being a clickable button, it is now an embedded button that responds by force of your fingers. It’s weird having to press something without feeling it click, but it’s a welcome change.

Despite the ongoing clamor for an expandable storage for the iPhone, the new larger storage capacities of the iPhone 7 ends all arguments yet again. iPhone 7 comes in three storage sizes: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

The iPhone 7 has a screen resolution of 1334 x 750, meaning everything looks much crisper, more realistic, and sharper. When you’re watching dark scenes, it looks equally good. The screen’s brightness is increased by as much as 25%, and it’s also more colorful.

The iPhone 7 comes in different colors: silver, gold, rose gold, black, jet black, or the newly released red iPhone 7, which is a special edition color in partnership with AIDS organization, RED. For the vibrant red iPhone 7, a purchase will directly help the global fund to fight AIDS.


The iPhone 7 comes with a powerful quad core processor and an A10 Fusion CPU. This makes opening and closing apps a breeze. Performance wise, the iPhone 7 is a monster, going through different apps effortlessly whether you’re browsing the web while listening to music or watching movies.

Battery Life

The iPhone 7’s battery life improved mainly due in part to its quad-core processor with the first dual core running the heavier stuff, while the other two cores assigned to lighter stuff. Charging the iPhone 7 is decent enough too.


The iPhone 7 packs a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera and an f/1.8 aperture sensor. This means that you can take better lower light photos with true-to-life colors and the brightness much more improved.


The wireless AirPods are a bit expensive, but there is no need for it for the phone’s audio. Except for the fact that they’re wireless, there’s not much marked improvement in the AirPods by way of sound quality. Reviews also note that it doesn’t have the best fit to the ears, falling off at times.


If you are planning to buy a new phone, then the iPhone 7 is a great option. However, if you’re an existing iPhone user looking to upgrade for a whole new experience, waiting for the iPhone 8 might be an attractive option right now.