Andy B

Andy Butler  Lancashire, England

Artist Statement

I’m a mobile photographer living in the county of Lancashire in the North of England. I’m a blogger, a father of two, a husband of one and professional day dream believer. I run the mobile photography website, mobiography.net and its supporting digital ipad and iphone magazine of the same name. I use them as a tool to explore the world of mobile photography and showcase the talents of the many people within this movement.

My first love is landscape photography. I am drawn to the beauty of nature and the peace and calm I get from being surrounded by it. In contrast to this my second love is urban and street photography as that is the subject matter that I’m surrounded by every day. It’s a stark contrast between peace and calm and that of gritty, stress and urban decay but I suppose that is life, a collection of contrasts.

I’m drawn to dark and moody imagery. Images that tell a story as it’s the story behind a photograph that interests me. It’s the story that adds a third dimension to what is essentially a 2D image which helps to strengthen the connection with the viewer.

Mobile photography has opened up my eyes to the world around me, it provides me with a camera that is always by my side, a means to share moments in time with the outside world and form connections with people through a mutual love and understanding of the visual.

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