The Minimals

A Liquid team of photographers addicted to (mostly) Mobile Photography / A Mobile Photo Agency /A Group of Photographers and Bloggers and Writers and Fathers interested in Streetphotography, People and Life Emotions / Members of a greater Family at WeAreJuxt / A Group of crazy people


is our motto, born from  Ale’s idea (after a mobile conversation with @thestreepher).

As soon as Ale started developing this, his friends and amazingly talented mobile photographers Francesco, Raffaele and BP jumped into the Project, sharing the same vision.

“The idea is to showcase a vision of photography more pointed to the actions and the emotions BEFORE the shooting, the idea that a beautiful photo is not only a beautiful edit, that the passion towards it is all about sharing in a greater community despite of the numbers, the egos and the Quantity.”


RAFFAELE MONACO, @raffamuffin

Raffaele aka Raffamuffin, 49, husband & father of three. IPhoner based in Naples, Italy.   Loves his Bonneville, music, reportage, hipstamatic & 645pro. “Jah bless you”.  iPhoner, Bonneville T100, hipsterix & 645pro, Naples, Italy


Francesco aka thestreepher, mobile street photographer based in Naples (Italy) 42. His Passion for the street grew about 25 years ago, today revitalized by his iPhone, always in his hands. He is focused on the human side, even ironic, always present in his shots.

“Sono Francesco aka thestreepher, mobile  street photographer, Napoli (Italia) 42 anni. La passione per la street è nata circa 25 anni fa, rivitalizzata con la scoperta dell’iPhone, che uso attualmente. Sono focalizzato sull’aspetto umano, anche ironico, sempre presente nei miei scatti”


Juxt constantly updates mobile photography artists’ profiles including some of their most notable works. The ones found above are just examples. For more of these innovative artists, you can visit our homepage.