BP and Mellow: In A Day

I am endlessly fascinated with people and people watching and thought it would be fun to see a snapshot of life for one day as seen through the lens of different people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

This a series documenting mobile photographers in a day’.

I’ll aim to post a new series of photos from a different photographer every other week and you can follow all the photographers taking part in the series >>Here.

This week we leave Graham in England and head back to the states and onto Seattle. I am excited that we get to spend a day in the company of not only a couple of great guys but also phenomenal photographers, Brad Puet and Mellow L.  Take a walk in Brad and Mellow’s shoes for the day and see how things look through the lens of their iPhones.


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Photo Credit: Mellow

Let’s Have Fun!

March 2, 2013, Seattle, WA

BP and Threetree vs The Emerald City Comicon

Gillian Anderson (X-Files), Dirk Benedict (A-Team, Battlestar Galactica), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future I-III), Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: Next Generation), Burt Ward and Adam West (Original Batman Series).  Yes! All of them.  In one building. There are more.  Stars from The Walking Dead. Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and more were in one building.  Also I have to mention, where else can you find Batman and the Joker, Sith and Jedi, He-Man and Skeletor, Captain Kirk and Khan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and…VAMPIRES…not just in the same building, but breaking bread, drinking Starbucks lattes, and/or discussing the next Iron Man movie. Well I say go to your local comicon event.

What for do you ask?

What for?!?!?

Sheesh…YOU will find a hundred Spidermen.  Big and tall, tiny and short, wide and thin.  Where else can you find a hundred spideys? ONLY at your local comicon and for us ONLY at the 11th Annual Emerald City Comicon 2013 event in downtown Seattle.

What’s the Emerald City Comicon, you say?

It’s the place where all the geeks turn sheiks, nerds say word, and the freaks stay freaks (only in the best way). It’s billed as the largest and premier comic book and pop culture conference in the Great Pacific Northwest. So what does yours truly do after one of the worst weeks thus far in 2013? Hit up the homie, Mellow, charge up the mophie, wash my favorite socks and undies, and rest up for my “In A Day” series for the fam, Joanna.  Sit back and relax and let us show you how Seattle do…well did…last Saturday, March 2, to be exact.

If you don’t believe in awesomeness like the ECCC, let us show you some of their workshops:

How to Talk to Geek Girls (and other Supposed Mythical Creatures)
World Extreme Pencil Fighting League (WXPFL) Presents – Comicon Combat
How to be a Negotiation Ninja
I can be a Geek and Feminine
He’s not a System, He’s Billy Dee Williams
Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves on Trial: The Forensic Psychiatry of the Dead, the Undead, and the Unlucky

Yea, I know. Nuff said. Picture time. BP and Mellow – In A Day!

Note:  No super villains were committing crimes today.

WHICH btw, where were you Phoenix Jones? I mean I get it, ECCC is for the comic book and the cartoon fanatics, but would’ve been dope to see a real superhero out on the streets and not the costumes…but a bonafied super hero in a uniform! You know what I mean?!? When I think of Seattle and crime fighting, I think of Phoenix Jones, seriously.  I actually saw him in action a few times and I must say, pretty impressive.  Phoenix, HOLLA at ya boy if you in need some photos taken.

This shot was taken last year at Mayday 2012. – BP



Mellow’s Cape and Mask



BP’s Utility Belt


Juxt thanks you, Brad and Mellow for taking part in the series!  If you would like to see more of BP’s photography, you can find him on Instagram & Eyeem and of course, right here on We Are Juxt! Mellow can be found on Instagram & EyeEm also!

If you would like to be involved in the series, please take a photo that tells a story of your typical day and tag it on Instagram #inaday_juxt.

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